Junior’s Fashion Week – KOLKATA 2017


Fashion has become a big focus in India for many years now, so it’s about time that the attention shifted to the fresh young fashionistas.

Taking a cue from the West, the Indian fashion industry has recreated the concept of kid’s fashion and has taken it to a different level altogether. After an extravagant Spring Summer 2017 fashion week showcase. Junior’s Fashion Week is back with yet another exciting fashion week edition in the city of Joy this time scheduled on September 02-03, 2017, at JW Marriott, Kolkata. It will be seeing some of the biggest designers and the smallest fashionistas strut their stuff on the runway. Not only the show would provide a platform for children’s clothing but it also unite the role models with the younger generation.
The event is expected to be monolithic and will be full of huge audience, well known brands, kids labels, business conglomerations, photographers, bloggers and participants. This runway experience is unusual undoubtedly as you will see little cuties walk ramp and pose surefooted in the new collection. The show promises to showcase fashion and products from toddlers to teens.
‘Kids’ fashion is playful, fun and innovative  we all believe it deserves its own dedicated platform. This is why we are so proud to be supporting the very idea of the Kids Fashion Show. With this event, we aim to put children’s fashion on the map worldwide for encouraging more and larger audience.
JFW comes together and brings to light the current trending brands and the budding ones who are assiduous with the children fashion and lifestyle segment. JFW understands the niche of every associate and reach out to the contending audience similarly. Every brand needs are different and JFW empathize with their needs in organised and planned manner.

Junior’s Fashion Week is a dedicated effort, this two day fashion extravaganza and exposition for kids apparel and accessories industry gives unparalleled opportunity for designers and brands to showcase their kids fashion line and provides younger generation a chance to personally experience and witness in real the deal of walking in front of people confidently, with poise and its absolutely fun doing it.

JFW also aims to educate and inspire people about Kids’ fashion celebrating how this specialist category has thrived and evolved over the past few years.

JFW stands to be an educational and both entertaining platform for the young boys and girls who look forward to a fashion adept environment and aspire to join fashion industry in future, it is for them to experience the exhilaration of walking on the runway as junior models. JFW is an entrée to the future of junior fashion world.

The show openers this season will be featuring some top notch kid brands. We’re excited when these little cuties will make their way down the runway wearing some of the classiest kids brand from the country like USPA, Bennetton, Max, Biba Etc in their chic, fresh, crisp, cool and clean designs for the winter collection. Participant brands are well known and can be found at many top retailers in the country and are a globally popular brand. These are comfortably crafted and wearable fashions that will encourage your little ones to play dress up and run in the sun!
Unlike preceding year, Junior’s Fashion Week has come up with an exciting new concept for the fashion weeks in the country. Instead of hosting fashion weeks in random cities we will be specifically covering the main metropolitans in the country in all the zones. Starting with Kolkata in the east, JFW moves on the Mumbai in the west, followed by Gurugram in the north and Bengaluru in the south. In the previous year, JFW hosted Spring Summer ’17 in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai with brands like AIRTEL, USPA, SCULLERS, MAX FASHIONS, BIBA, LAALI, MANYAVAR, FUTURE LIFESTYLE BRANDS, and many others.
All of us, at some point, have put on our mum’s heels, or our dad’s jackets, and paraded ourselves in front of the mirror. If you’ve caught your little one doing the same, maybe you’d like to give him or her a taste of the real fashion world? So mark the dates and bring this experience for them in real!
If you want to enjoy a day in with the family or if you simply love children´s and young fashion, you shouldn’t miss JFW’ Kolkata. we’re all set to bring in the classic chic trends, winter smart dressing for kids and a lot of fun and laughter. Guaranteed!
love and sunshines
Mamta Sharma Das

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