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Paulami started in 2013 with as a dream, with the hope of making a mark for itself in today’s trend-focused populace.

Paulami Saha Arora- Founder and Designer is a Delhi-based NIFT graduate who has always wanted to create something and create it on the basis of promoting her own culture, craftsmanship and art. Paulami chose to give the humble Kantha stitch a new dimension. Kantha stitch, that has traditionally been used on garments or linen, is used innovatively to create unconventional jewelry and bags under her label ‘Paulami’.

Kantha, a popular style of hand embroidery that comes from West Bengal, is a significant art that displays the skill and talent of the rural women in Bengal. Its origins can be traced back to pre-Vedic ages. Kantha stitch has definitely taken the fashion industry by storm.

Paulami with her groundbreaking creativity, takes textile jewelry to another level with her hardwork and entrepreneurial qualities. Today Paulami is popularly worn and styled by everyone, from fashionistas to people with unconventional sartorial choices. As you can see from the amazing array of creations by Paulami, her work can be worn and styled both in aesthetic and contemporary ways.

Now jewelry need no longer be dominated by silver, gold, and gemstones. Textiles are coming into jewelry design in a big way. With creations like fabric chokers, bib necklaces made of silk beads, brooches and earrings etc its not just plain stitching, its magic-making, you’ll be blown away by how every piece is handcrafted to perfection.

There is certainly a growing amount of interest in all things handcrafted and handmade in today’s fast moving, slow fashion industry and Textile jewelry is an emerging drift. I really admire the originality of Paulami’s handmade art, to do so much with so little. I like hand-crafted enterprise that reinvent old crafts and position them in new ways that make them more accessible. Like the way Paulami has done, bringing new life and dimension to the ancient katha work. Brilliantly!

Paulami’s art & her creations are characterized by materials of the highest quality (mostly silk), attention in detail, original designs and love for colours. Each product is designed and handmade by utmost love and passion which can be seen in the detailing and neatness of her each product.

Meet the brains behind the brand ‘Paulami’. Lets hear it from her on how the idea began and how we got lucky.

PAULAMI : As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to create something. I loved getting my hands dirty. I wanted to be like MF Hussain when I grew up, an artist. My parents told me that the closest profession that could pay the bills would be that of a designer, because very few artists made money…I wish I hadn’t entirely believed them.

Paulami as a brand started with the motivation that I wanted to own something, make something, get credit for my work.

My first foray was with the kantha bags, the idea being to create a well crafted bag with traditional embroidery..Since, I began my career in industrial design, followed by steel products for Magppie which is known for its minimal design sensibilities, I continue to be influenced by that aesthetic of multi-functionality with clean lines.

I launched Paulami in 2013 although I had a full time job and couldn’t give it my entire attention. I finally began in earnest, in 2016, when I was expecting a baby. I realised that this was the way to go if I wanted to be available to both my babies, (one being my business) with flexibility.

The first batch of bags happened by cutting gorgeous sarees from Santiniketan and then onwards I found people in Santiniketan, who would hand embroider and send me the fabrics. The bags were then fabricated in Delhi, giving each piece the best of both worlds, because the hand embroidery done in Santiniketan is by far the best.

I then found myself left with a lot of leftover fabric and cuttings, after the making of these bags. So the jewellery line came to being, in an attempt to use these cuttings. The first attempt was a total failure (WHY?) and I sold only one neckpiece in a 10 day event.
I was close to giving up when a design portal agreed to showcase our products. The creations sold like hot cakes and I knew I’d finally hit on a winning idea.

This venture is doubly satisfying because at Paulami, we train women from lower economic status backgrounds, in fine needlework and craft. They cannot leave their homes on a daily basis but can work for us while taking care of their other responsibilities. Given that I am a new mom we connect on many levels. We are not limited by our responsibilities, yet we’re so much more than them. And we’re thriving together

Paulami’s creations will soon be up on her website: www.paulamisaha.com
Instagram : by_paulami

Paulami also exhibits her work extensively in pop-ups and Dastakar fleas.

Love and Light


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