Aero Slim – Features a new future of fans

Aero Slim – Features a new future of fans

Orient Electrics yet again launches an outstanding innovation in the series of premium ceiling fans and this time it is “Aero Slim”.  It is India’s first and world’s slimmest smart fan ever launched. Mking it the most desired product of the year.

The fan comes loaded with salient extraordinary features. Aeroslim sets new standards in the segment with its IoT controls, its one of a kind slim cylindrical design and energy efficient inverter motor makes it an efficacious product globally . It’s a feature loaded fan ceding an astounding 240 CMM air delivery while saving tremendous energy.

The chic design, easy operation and smart attributes will make it a hit in the times of millennial’s. Ain’t we all about being smart ?

You can control features like changing fan mode, speed control, dimming the light etc on the tip of your fingers by simply downloading Orient Smart mobile app. The fan also comes savvy performing with voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant. ? stay as I reveal more!

AeroSlim is splendid innovation ticking all ace features significantly. It has everything one could ask for in a fan. The design is classy.  The blades are easy to clean and maintain and are 100% rust free, made of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS which provides strength to the blades, thus making it bend proof too. Its slim cylindrical design makes it suitably perfect for any sort of a decor one has.

For lazy bums like me, It has a remote and you need not necessarily drag yourself to the switchboard on summer lazy afternoons.

This new Orient edition to the family of their fans takes the technological genius of “very silent, very powerful” Aeroseries fans to a whole new level for uncountable reasons.

So I am already anticipating my summer naps peaceful and my ceiling happy !!

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