Orient Electrics Launches – Aero Series

Technology is literally changing everything around us. It can’t be denied that the service is changing how people remodel and update their homes nowadays. Earlier the focus and emphasis were mainly laid on the model and interiors. Furnishing and furniture were the prime focus, but with time there has been a significant shift and an increase in the demand for designer and premium fans. A fan no longer stays as a boring electric requisite device, rather it now adds the beauty and style quotient to a house or a workplace.

 Orient Electrics recently launched a complete new magnificent series of requisite Fans called the ‘Aero Series’. They outstandingly delivers on the key criteria you should expect of any good fan: silent and steady operation, plenty of air movement and quality parts and stylish makeover-ed look , but this is not it,  we would take you through a detailed presentation of what they look like and what all is stored in this new accumulation. It would be a lie to claim that there’s one best ceiling or table fan among the new models because each is uniquely designed and created.

Ceiling fans are anyday an ideal alternatives to expensive air conditioners. Not only are fans more energy efficient, they also circulate air effectively to cool down your home with natural air. With changing times, consumer is not only growing aware now but also quite tasteful and for those who’re looking forward to perfection with performance in a fan, i’d highly like to recommend the complete Aero Series range, whose minimalist functional design will suit any contemporary setting.

AeroStorm & Aerocool 

Aerostorm & Aerocool are both aerodynamically designed product from the Aero Series that delivers highest air delivery of 300 CMM in the segment, which implies, super quite operation and to top it all has beautiful simplistic design that blends effortlessly to any living space.

The new launch of aerodynamic design comes in classy wood finishes to hand crafted designs, to underlight fans to profiled blades, these premium and decorative range of fans from the house of Orient Electrics have gone through a complete makeover.  The white is primarily chosen as a neutral colour, that matches any theme, design and furnishing. Its modernistic design compliments beautifully to both homes or any contemporary interiors. The downwash of the airflow is excellent, absolutely quiet and stable when switching from low to high speed . Blade angles are bent to an angle that guarantees strong wind delivery. I really liked the unique and clean silhouette design of this fan, especially the blades that are elegantly contoured around its motor unit to bring out the best in terms of appearance and performance.  Of course not to miss out on its strongest 18-pole motor.

If we go a little deeper talking about the technicalities, the entire range is inspired by the ground breaking winglet technology used in modern aircraft along with aerofoil design. This unique winglet design in its blades minimizes the vortex, birthing high amount of air thrust  with almost cypher noise. They’re sturdy, easy to maintain and clean. They have a sweep of 1320 mm and has 100% rust-free blades made of high-grade glass filled compounded ABS which provides strength to the blades, thus making it bend-proof and rust-proof.

So now experience air like never before!!

Reasonably-priced with outstanding quality, the design of the fan oozes style and class with every curve and contour that appeals to both the young and young at heart. The product is being highly accepted and appreciated all throughout the country, and has also helped reach Orient the position of number 1, in the segment of premium fan producers. This simply further implies that quality rules and talks ahead of claims. In an era where silence seems like a luxury, consumers are vouching on its peaceful operation coupled with classy aesthetics.

Here take a look at the other fans in Aero Series:

Aeroquiet – The first fan in Aero Series range that created a buzz in the market.

Aeroquiet BLDC – 50% power saving fan

Aerolite with warm white LED underlight

These premium fans are priced at Rs. 4000 and over.

So Invest smart, invest for long term and invest for your peace of mind and a blissful sleep at night.



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