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Travel is an escape from the mundane, it has a different meaning to different people.  Most of us millennial feel the need to escape everyday life and its pressures. While some do it passionately, some do it to relax  and some travel for social status. I believe this generation is mainly about solo travels but nothing takes away the joy of travelling in bunch with family and friends. My growing up years meant vacations with family. But off late after the period of self-discovery, I realized travel meant to me no itinerary, it meant freedom and I did not want myself to be doing things that normally tourists do.

To be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with nobody to have to please except myself. Since then I prefer moving either solo or with a few like-minded friends, where being adventurous and being fuss free is the mandate criteria to be my travel companion. For me travelling is an exploration and not just a matter of luxury and break. I have an exceptional knack for exotic locations and cultures. It reflects in my style and clearly is seen in my quirky personality.

After so much of fashion and fusion happening on my blog, I wanted to keep a space out for my second most loved obsession – Travel. Since then I’ve been itching to start trying my hand at travel blogging. I wanted to share my travel postcards and my travelogues with a larger audience. Just in between these thoughts and planning, a message unexpectedly popped expressing they were looking for someone zesty and colourful like me to represent their new property.

“What you seek is seeking you”

Just couldn’t think of anything else than this in that moment of felicity. I felt colossally blessed being approached by a Lucullan 5 Star International property and that’s how Grand Hyatt Kochi happened.

I couldn’t believe my first travelogue was going to be this huge coaction. We exchanged notes and the action began. I wanted someone closest to share this experience with me. Grand Hyatt Kochi spoiled me rotten. They further agreed to customize this collaboration as a best friends vacay for us. So it wasnt just me, I now had my best friend accompany me for this escapade.

Double yay !

All excited me like an 8 year old about to jump up on a boat jetty experience by the property.

There are million reasons to cherish this trip but what will keep my heart full with brimming gratitude  will be the love and cockering I received from the Grand Hyatt Kochi management. They respected my preferences and took care of every little detail and comfort that I seek while designing my private travels. The trip was solely designed keeping my wilderness in mind. From kayaking to Boat jetty rides. I was even taken to the local weavers  and museums to explore the local art and looms. It just could not get better than this.

The trip typically wasn’t just a stay at the hotel but had a well prepared itinerary keeping in mind the idea of me exploring the culture and documenting Kochi through my eyes.

I expressed, travel meant to me experiencing different cultures and to see how people live in all different areas of the world. To meet new people, to make friends, and to talk to people from all walks of life. it meant to me trying out new and regional foods of all taste and flavors.

The property isn’t even an hour from Cochin International Airport. We arrived in less than an hour. While I was still reminiscing the gorgeous landing I had viewing the backwaters, I spotted a gentleman that held a placard that said my name.  The welcome was all dreamy. Little things mean a whole lot to me. Especially personalized gestures. Vinod, The chauffeur assigned for me from the property was friendly and courteous.

The gorgeous beauty that stands alone on Bolgatty Island, Kochi

I started for the hotel and this man amazed me with his chivalry, mannerisms and adept knowledge about his city. He seemed passionately in love with his roots, and kept raving about his god’s own country. We spoke non stop all through the way, the drive itself is been some therapy. I had butterflies of excitement dancing in my stomach.

We zoomed in no time and a bunch of some really warm people from the staff welcomed me with tilak and sweets; I was all touched and moved by the hospitality.  After refreshments I was sent to my room and Voila !!! the view had me. Each well thought out gesture and prior arrangements made me feel home and pampered.

 Dinner later the same evening was at Thai Soul. My best friend Nupur joined me by then. It an exotic Asian cuisine dine place by the pool side. The aroma of fresh Thai herbs and flavours come alive in the live kitchen, creating a multi sensorial experience for the guests. There was a special menu that was prepared especially for us. The food was perfect in the portion size, flavors, taste and the service was outstanding. Chef Suppatra Chatted with us and briefed us about what we had on our plates.  The chef adds fresh galangal, shallots, lemon grass, garlic and dried chilies for aroma and taste. the sight itself  was quite appetizing.

Thats my colourful plate

Bolgatty is a beautiful island in Kochi.





















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