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Hola Women !

How are u doing wonderful ladies? hope the monsoon must have got you the most postulated relieve from the blistering hot summers in the north.
Where for some of us the rain has come as a joy, for some the angry rain gods have turned really monstrous. I am really sad and disturbed by the news of the disaster in Uttrakhand and most parts of it. Its grievous!

I have made a little contribution towards the victims of the catastrophe and would encourage you to please do your bit at the helplines numbers too.

ok so my post today is about my self confessed love for SHOPPING !

Tell me who doesn’t ?! Afterall no therapy is better than retail therapy ;)Agreed?
So today I have in my kitty my recent haul. I love to shop online but there is a different sort of therapeutic pleasure in outlet buying experience.

Shopping not just releases stress for me but other than anything in this world,it uplifts my mood instantly! like seriously, ins-tant-LY!

I am sucker for everything boho and colorful So i usually look out for buying everything vintage and chic in form of dresses , bags, accessories etc but my choices are not limited, I pick a variety and combination of everything chic and dramatic. let me show you what I splurged on lately

My hot favorites petite chain pendents from Claire’s – All you need is “Peace” & “Love”
Some more of gold
This heart rules me this season

let me know how you feel about the picks

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