It’s June already and those lazy hazy crazy days of summers are here. As the heat hits, we start to prepare how to deal with the wallop. Keeping fashion, freshness and beauty in mind.

Where bidding goodbye to winter layers brings some relief to my body to breathe free, at the same time my top summer concerns is making sure I don’t smell like a hot, sweaty, humid sauna room.

Summer Fashion keeps changing but one thing that doesn’t go out of style is smelling good. It’s not just a basic etiquette but a need. One essential deodorant stick and a bottle of perfume come in handy all thru summers. Given the choice is right and a value for money.

A good fragrance does not just uplift the mood but it portrays a vibe, a persona. I like wearing fragrances that linger, that describe me that leaves a part of me everywhere I go.

Essenza Di Wills Ignite Fleur Eau De Toilette comes as a soothing bohemian fragrance this summers. It’s sublimely sensual, enchanting, carefree and refreshing. It comes a fresh summer boho breeze on the first sniff.

It has the right proportions of fruity, floral and citrusy notes that evokes the ethereal spirit of youth and freedom.

Ignite Fleur is a moony amalgamation of enigmatic pink pepper and Brazilian orange on the top. It has feminine tones of orange flower & violet in the heart, making this fragrance an answer to feel fresh throughout the day without worrying about the dullness from the scorching sun.

This ultra-luxe fragrance is an exotic mélange of Indonesian Patchouli and creamy notes of vanilla and candy.

A sensual fragrance that marries vibrant youth with finesse of haute couture making it idyllic choice for every occasion from professional to social.

You may start the day smelling fresh as a daisy and ready to tackle your daily tasks but by the middle of the day especially during summers, however, you might notice that your freshness has drifted away. Don’t worry now! Essenza Di Wills Ignite Fleur is light and fresh, but sticks around all day long thanks to the standout notes of citrus and florals in balanced proportions

I would strongly recommend this exotic liquefied perfection to all you beautiful women out there to feel sensual and beautiful from not just outside but within too. This is not just a scent, its rejuvenation that comes handy in a bottle.

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