Life is hard on most of us. Routine, ambitions, relationships, goals, and our respective jobs, keeps us so enraged errrrrr I mean so engaged and occupied that we forget appreciating the contributions of the people around us, people who make our chores run smooth, who stand as invisible pillars in all our facets. Who you know you cannot imagine your lives without, still there is very little time for thank you notes and appreciations for the little things, the little things that are actually big things in the essence of life. We just cannot do without them.

It can be your parents, your spouse or your best friend too for that matter. I am sure we all have received surprises in the past, no one would ever say we don’t love them except a few, like an unwanted guest on a Sunday morning (I did, so ask me about it :-|, actually no. forget it), receiving deodorant as a gift (wow, thank you for indirectly telling me I stink). lol, lets not focus on the awful ones for now, I am sure no one’s interested to discuss them either, in my case they’ve mostly been embarrassing, so lets not talk about it.

So…. how about a ‘Pleasant Surprise’ ! Oh what a pleasant surprise ! Omg, did you do that ? wow! is that for me? I don’t believe this ! we all love these sort of exclamations. We all await them. Don’t we?


So this is what I am basically meaning to talk today about. From my own experiences and my own old habit of making the ordinary a lil extraordinary for my people. Ideally throwing a surprise should not just limit to anniversaries and birthdays. You can just randomly leave a sticky note for mom to take her medicines on time and leave her a chocolate beside the bed.


Send surprise flowers to your best friend for no reason. Buy her a gift without an occasion and just feel good about it as they revel the moment.

Never forget your anniversary, I often see the fashion of celebrating ‘my first month anniversary social media statuses’, some be like ‘hey  its ma 5th month anniversary , with ma lou, mah man’ ( trust me I love those, no pun intended at all)  like seasons pass by and as years pass I don’t see such posts on continuity, i’d better say we all grow being in relationships that expressing it socially becomes the least thing as an agenda.

but don’t just do it like a trend or living it like a season. Do our mothers  ever on leave ? do our husbands ever leave out on their responsibilities ? no right. So all who specially belong to us deserve a special cockering and a day should be dedicated to them sometimes. That can be a special date or may not necessarily be. but take the call, do that effort.

As a tip, i’ll share what I usually do.

  • Add a personalized touch to the celebration.
  • Be creative, think like a kid, the execution need not be perfect.
  • Do a little homework about the choice and taste of the person.
  • Do all things bright, over do if needed. Over loving ca never go out of fashion boss.
  • Choose a right timing, such, that the person least expect it at that hour.
  • Lighting plays an important role. If you are preparing something at home, keep them soft.
  • Flowers and candles can never go out of fashion.
  • Draw if you can, even if you aint good at it.
  • Cook a special meal or order their favorite food.
  • Pinterest tips if you are good at excuses.

I have been doing this for years now and this makes me happy more than anything or anyone. This is the way I pay back the feeling of gratitude I have towards my family and my people. This keeps me keep the child in me alive. Its also therapeutic to see the faces shine of the people you love ! it all pays off and well.

Keep appreciating, show gratitude, be thankful for your blessings.

Love ‘n’ Light



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