Independence of wearing your heart

Independence is the state of being free. Independence is being yourself. Independence is self-sufficiency, self-reliance, autonomy, freedom, liberty.

We as women express it through different creative forms it can be thru clothing, art, dance or anything that liberates and makes us feel free.

Lets say, fashion for me is freedom. I express myself through the kind of clothes I wear. The truth of the matter is that fashion is the purest forms of self-expression. Where I have the full freedom to be my own art. Act my own muse.

Its been 71 years of our Independence and we women have come a long way in our struggles to be free. To be accepted and respected. We have been working hard on breaking norms and stereotypes. We still sometimes have to rethink about our selection of clothes before stepping out of the house but what I really expect and want out of living in a free county is freedom from judgments made from the kind of clothes I choose to wear, freedom from perversion, voyeurism and the constant feeling of being unsafe in my own country. In the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.’

We need to know that we first need to be free from the old ways and mental blockages. Modern isnt just a lifestyle but it needs to be an outlook towards life its a thought process. An attitude.

For us in fact, using fashion to make a statement has been more of a necessity largely due to a history of oppression. Therefore I believe it is an important opportunity for a woman to be heard and seen, which is so important for us living in today’s world full of things that already drag us down. Its the most cutoff way to joy. To feel confident and be comfortable in your own skin.

We live in a glorious, diversely rich multicultural society. It’s beautiful to see people from different parts of the county, speaking different languages and having myriad cultures and values. Sometimes fashion can be the simplest visual summary of our unity.

I feel conspicuous in a saree. The moment I wrap myself in one i feel powerful. Its fluidity gives me aeonian ways to style that 6 meters of unstitched garment in the most creative ways I can. It’s liberating and freeing and nothing makes me feel as sensuous and ethereal as I feel myself in my Indian heritage piece of garment.

I have expressed my joy and happiness in my clothes. Clothes are emotion to me. Clothes are freedom, freedom to choose how we represent ourselves, freedom to blur the lines between the man and the woman, poor and rich, young and old.

People usually make early assumptions about you based on what they see. In a society increasingly focused upon image, the single greatest influence on a first impression is someone’s way of dressing. Clothes have always been used as a tool to dazzle, impress, shock and even awe. So if they turn, make sure you make that glare worthwhile! Thats independence! Independence of wearing your heart, being yourself !

Happy Independence Day !

Mamta Sharma Das

OutLook Express

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