Gamcha over Gamcha and some Charcha

Hi everyone !

I finally decided I need a place now other than social media to express my thoughts (long thoughts precisely), my opinions, my taste and understanding on life to a larger audience. The decision of blogging came after a lot of push and motivation from friends and family as well as some positive influence from the fellow bloggers. Though I decided to roll it out in the beginning of the year but I am toddler mother, period. I have a valid procrastinating licence for another 2 more years ūüôā Teehee.

I wont promise if I will deliver you the best of fashion advise or recipes here or what to put in the diaper bag but you’ll get to see and live my life thru my eyes. Not an expert advise but the crazy life or a very regular Indian woman who juggles her home, her love for fashion, her kid and her health.

My journey, my challenges, my take on things, my good hair days my bad hair days, my best dressed days my idly dressed days, my lifts at gym to my novice running. My crazy stints at motherhood. This will be a real deal I promise. All as it comes, all what it feels, unfiltered. This is not a fairly land, this is my Ramayana.

I had no clue how to start my first post with, what to write and what not to. I googled on how to make an effective first blog post but all in vein, sorry I am not the writer of sorts, I am among those who steal impressive poems from google to put on greeting cards and those who put the entire texts on MSword to make corrections and spellings before even posting something on Facebook. Because my friend you never know which grammer nazi is all set there to rip your reputation apart from pointing chekoslovakia to “dude its czechoslovakia”. Ok bhai¬†relax, and thank you. jaake justin beiber ko theek kiya hai kabhi ? ” My mama dont like you”¬†wth ! why is he discounted ? just because he is the Americans ? ok sorry, lame joke ends here for now.

So let me seriously save my vocabulary for the future posts and lets come to the point. I was recently been approached by Studio Prothoma to do a Saree post for them. I have been wanting to wear a big checkered Gamcha. This yellow and red beauty just seemed perfect.

‘Gamchas’, were primarily been used as towels in the Indian households and now with the groundbreaking thought¬†of some master weaver maybe, are also made into Sarees across the nation, big salute to the thought behind this idea. ¬†This coarse cotton weave that originate mainly from the eastern and southern parts of India is perfect for the harsh Indian summers for its towel like quality, its soft, absorbs sweat and dries even faster, and drapes quickly.

I personally dislike the matchy matchy agenda but today I decided to mix Gamcha over Gamcha by teaming a Gamcha blouse with the saree.  The contrasting shades and sizes of the checks broke the monotony.

Hope you’ll like the styling. It is is very me. If you like me ūüėČ you’ll like it too.

Outfit Details:

  • Blouse – Gamcha bought from market for 75 bucks and stitched to perfection
  • Saree – Studio Prothoma (Instagram Handle : Studio_Prothoma)
  • Neckpiece and earrings – Gifts from friends
  • Make up – Nil
  • Swag – Inherent

See you again soon at Bohobaalika!

Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Gamcha over Gamcha and some Charcha”

  1. Love the look..i always thought the gamcha Saree would look like a bedsheet!!Not any more..u have carried the look so well intend to buy a gamcha Saree soon…

    1. And that was the whole purpose of the look. I too have drew inspiration from friends before sporting the gamchha look. You should grab yours soon

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