Orient Aero Series – Fashionable fans for your room’s fifth wall

Orient Aero Series

Orient Aero Series – Fashionable fans for your room’s fifth wall

It’s no more a secret that the world of design is leaning a bit more toward the modern side of the spectrum these days. Minimalism is taking shift is almost all the spheres. We need life simpler, organized & updated and of course fast. Technology is now combining with style and upping the design quotient in order to make the modern living look stylish along with engineered advancement.

I was fortunate enough to recently attend an event organised by Orient Electric where they showcased their Aero Series range of premium fans. It was exciting to know that Orient Electric started their journey towards becoming the largest manufacturers of fan in the 1950s from my very own City Of Joy itself. Amazing isn’t it?

For me it was educative and a completely new experience to attend such an event in a long time. Learning about the new technology, the hard work that goes in and how for years Orient has been consistent to be progressive and Innovative with their products. It was all commendable.

I literally realised that ceiling fans can actually look like a piece of art and can complement any decor. Irrespective of the decor type. For years, fans have been eclipsed from makeovers. Orient did not just gave them a new design re-tread, but the most essential and needed feature of making it an absolute noise-free experience.

Remember days when your ceiling fan made you realize its presence even when no one was even talking? Haha over are those days because these are engineered to be completely noiseless, almost negligible. In the tuff life where peace comes as a luxury these days, this little switch at home can at least act as a step forward to a calming, peaceful living.

They have not just worked hard on the design and noise -free experience but the airflow is almost doubled as compared to what we’ve felt and witnessed before. The range that was displayed astounded me. There were fans of all needs, categories and models. Be it ceiling, table or walls. I especially liked the AeroStorm and AeroQuiet fans.

Listening to Mr. Atul Jain, who’s the vice president of the brand’s Fans division, was a very thriving and informative, rich experience. He spoke about the inspiring journey of the organization, how it’s only been rising since inception. He spoke about the market share and how they have consistently worked hard to keep up the business and innovation game high.

I will take you thru my experience with the pictures attached and would suggest you to check the series over internet if you’re planning to build your paradise in peace.

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Aerostorm :

Brand Website – https://www.orientelectric.com/fan/ceiling-fans/aero-series/aerostorm

E -shop – http://www.orientelectriceshop.com/fans/aerostorm-premium-ceiling-fan-1320mm/p-12032-92127838701-cat.html#variant_id=12032-6893630097


Brand Website – https://www.orientelectric.com/fan/ceiling-fans/aero-series/aerocool

E-shop – http://www.orientelectriceshop.com/fans/orient-aerocool-premium-ceiling-fan-1320-mm/p-12032-85973779716-cat.html#variant_id=12032-13538040062

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