Designer clothing for children has been around since Christian Dior started making it in the 60’s. However the market for children’s fashion and luxury is fast becoming one of the most booming one in our country lately, too. The kids fashion has attained a sound scene through innovation, creativity, the right product assortment, better visual merchandising, and focused advertising and Kids Fashion Shows.

Indians are increasingly showing more appreciation and interest than they ever have on fashion for children and the children’s awareness and the need to dress good and feel good has gone up too. According to the Global Motherhood Survey by Frank About Women, Indian and Chinese mums are the only ones, globally, willing to stretch their budget to buy branded products for their children. Intresting Isnt it?

So with greater energy and creativity in children’s fashion and lifestyle collections, Junior Fashion Week  makes a come back in the culture rich city of ‘Kolkata’ this year with their bedazing winter collection for the juniors  on 2nd and 3rd September, at the most prestigious convention and exhibition center in JW Mariott.

The exhibition is aiming to create a hub of international cooperation and networking between participants, Kids fashion companies and budding to established labels. the show is gearing and setting up the ground for many editions to come in near future.

Brands that are featuring this time on the runway are:

  • Lil Angels
  • USPA
  • A First’s Uptown Collection
  • Doddlers

Lil Angels – Where little dolls will be dolled up in fairy dresses and morth nature goddesses. The brand comes up with a never-seen-before collection this fall. Lil Angels come together with Junior’s Fashion Week to showcase their gorgeously curated collection for the runway of Autumn Winter 2017 in Kolkata. Their new festive collection is inspired from something we see and experience all around us all our lives. Their festive collection is inspired by Mother Nature. Colors and patterns which are inspired by nature’s elements completely.

What the brand has to say about the collection showcase : “We have depicted mother nature’s vibrancy and vivacity and are using prints and embroideries of giraffe, hippopotamus, deer, and flamingo, etc. The beauty of the natural world lies in the details and the same is true for our collection. Also, we have ensured that our creations provide the same level of comfort and joy which nature provides us with.” I am certainly not missing to witness all this cuteness in real, you shouldn’t too.

USPA (United States Polo Association)– What to expect when such a leading brand hit fashion week for kids, would come together with? Expect all the coolness. USPA (United States Polo Association) is known and internationally acclaimed for years, for their wearable, effortlessly cool and trendiest yet comfortable clothing, be it for adults or for kids.

This year Autumn Winter edition, USPA comes up with another groundbreaking curated collection for the juniors. U.S. Polo Assn Kids AW’17 collection features traditional, preppy and updated looks. According to the brand : The collection offers contemporary elegance, great tradition and a jovial attitude which reflects in the positioning, imagery, and experience as a premium brand. Rooted in the brand’s American origin and polo connection, the collection showcases a vibrant play of bright colors along with reds, blues, and whites marking the core presence of the brand highlighted with stars, stripes, and dot prints. excited as much !


A-First’s – The collection is relatively cool and appropriate for daily casuals as well as quick outdoor comfortable yet chic dressing options for the kids. Autumn Winter 2017 collection is a plethora of designs, inspired by the joyous experiences of life, ranging from sumptuous candy bar colors to candid sea holidays. The brand is extremely innovative and environment friendly, the entire collection is made with eco-friendly fabrics and is stitched with perfection, to match the international standards. Isnt that all best things under one roof?

The creatively curated collection by A-First will help the kidsstyle effortlessly by giving them wearables that are as comfortable as daily wear apparels. This peppy and joyful collection includes everything from a cool skater vibe-like slouchy jean to cargo pants, from a denim dress to comfy hoodie.

DOODLERS APPARELS – is India’s first creative and the most innovative fashion brand for boys and girls between 8 and 14 years. All the illustrations that you’ll see imprinted on the apparels are hand drawn illustrations. The fun wear range is differentiated by including apparels that carry creative doodles to appeal to the mindset of the tweens.

DOODLERS aims at sketching for teens a world away from everyday reality to one of possibilities and imagination, a world that seamlessly integrates the unspoken and visual imagination of tweens into the tangible. Their products and experiences promote self-expression and creativity thus increasing an affiliation with the young Doodler. I found the whole idea and concept out of the box and I cannot wait to see and experience this in real.

Kolkata will witness a grandeur junior’s fashion week, Autumn Winter 2017, scheduled on 02-03 September 2017 at JW Marriott. Cant wait to see the cuteness deliver oomph on the little runway. make sure your calenders are marked, just 2 more days to go !

Stay tuned for more cute updates:)

Mamta Sharma Das
Junior’s Fashion Week, Kolkata 2017








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