Being Kalighata Brides

Being Kalighata Brides

Kalighata‘ is a Kolkata based label that imbibes ethnic aesthetics with modern influences with a rich use of delicate embroideries and intricate handwork designing exuberant wedding fashion couture.

The lehengas and the wedding gowns are designed for the modern Indian, yet is focused on our distinct sensibilities. The line was created in sync with their belief of celebrating traditions with contemporary styles. Their designs beautifully fulfill the sartorial needs of the contemporary Indian woman, of all ages and shapes. Their creations carry that spirited vibe that comes from a tenacious ardour and a perfect understanding of the contemporary Indian bride and her bridesmaid’s fashion needs.


The color palette is breaking the stereotypical criterion. There are pastels in abundance. Warm and soothing combinations that mute the whole bling affair, but graciously.

With the wedding season just around the corner and the pressure to get your outfits done right. I am proud to introduce and to have collaborated with one of our city’s most talented Wedding Couture specialists – Kalighata for this very purpose. I am thoroughly excited to introduce some of their masterpieces from their wedding collection. Hope you see it as I did. Dreamy !

Extravagant celebrations, lavish decorations, multiple ceremonies and above all resplendent dresses for wedding are what characterize the wonderful Indian weddings. Indian bridal wear is not just an apparel to be worn but a memory to be cherished for the whole lifetime.



I experienced at Kalighata – that they does it all, and at its best. Its a one stop shop where you can find solution starting from your D-day dream dress to all the correlative ceremonies. The Bridal trousseau will bestow your wedding vows with loads of traditional touch with a dash of contemporary fashion. Search the perfect bridal wear example that will go with your style.

Dress fabulous and look gorgeous with an outstanding collection of Indian bridal wear at the one and only Kalighata India, Salt lake – Kolkata!

They have a special extension of beautifying you with their alternate business line of splendid Indian jewellery called ‘Mukund Jewels‘ All the gorgeous diamonds and sapphires you see me adorning are from Mukund jewels treasure chest.

Also, a special thanks to the owners of the brand Kalighata  for their hospitality and for setting up such  breathtaking ambience that added to this post. Their collection of furniture and décor is another thing you need to check out at the store as well.

Coming to the beautiful lehengas, draped saree and anarkalis you’re seeing me ostentating. Owing to its rich fabric and stunning colors, once adorned, I instantly felt like royalty! Be it for you, who is attending a wedding or are the pretty bride herself, kalighata India caters to all and customizes any outfit to your preference.

also i would like to point out is that the finishing of each piece was so intricate and absolutely beautiful. Need there be any case of alteration, it is done so with top priority. All customization, to even pre-made outfits are welcomed and done your way… need I say more?

So grateful to have completed my first bridal wear blogpost on these dazzling outfits and I can’t wait to style more such beauties. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did making it. Do head to Kalighata India, Salt late Kolkata if you have high dreams of a dreamy bride to be!

Love and sunshines


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